Who We Are

Since 1994 Magtouch have been serving guard monitoring solutions both local and globally. We are a leading manufacturer of high-tech guard monitoring systems for the security industry. The dynamic team creates state of the art monitoring solutions that use the latest technologies for recording, monitoring, storing and reporting guard patrol data. Proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Why choose Magtouch

Magtouch offers you locally manufactured products tailored for the South African markets environment and harsh conditions. With many products to choose from we will satisfy all your guard monitoring needs. Simple and easy system to set up and use. Minimal to no learning for guard to use. Low costs to repair a baton. Quick and easy system setup. Used my almost all leading security companies in South Africa.

What We Do

Are your guards doing what you pay them to do? Magtouch systems helps you monitor your security, safety and maintenance routes. Effective patrolling ensures maximum protection of your assets, by maintaining full coverage of your site with a visual security guard profile. Disputes with regards to patrol shortcomings are easily identified and resolved. View our products for more information.

How it Works

The guard is assigned a patrol baton, which is then used to clock ID points along a pre-determined route. Each time the guard clocks one of the ID points with a patrol baton, the date, time and point ID is stored. The baton's data is later downloaded and made available through a report. ID points can also be attached to assets that you need to keep track of, or simply used to keep your guards alert.

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Baton Test:

How it works: