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Contesting the reports

Your reports show the guards are not working. When you show them they say they were working and the system is faulty. How can you go about proving the system is not at fault? or You are in a hearing and the guard accuses you of modifying the reports. Can you show they are not modified?

How to show the reports are not modified

The best way to show reports are not modified is by having them generated while in the presence of a trusted person. This applies to the desktop, Tagtough and Online systems.

How do you confirm that the system is not faulty

There are a few differences between equipment but to start we will look at the common ways to check the equipment.

Common checks
  • If you clock a point and check the report, is it there?
  • Before handing the equipment to the guard clock a point, when getting it back clock a point. If those points are on the reports, you can show the equipment to be working.
  • Common sense tells you that if the baton is not working in the early hours of the morning but works all other times, the guards are sleeping.
  • A point will not clock sometimes and clock other times if nothing changes. Points might not clock when wet, if so just dry them. Dirty points can also behave the same way. To be sure points should be cleaned regularly
  • A common excuse given by guards was that they did not know how the equipment works. This is valid in most cases, If given the guards should be trained properly so they cannot use it again.
Desktop and Tagtough equipment

When you clock a point with the baton correctly the red light at the back will flash once. If it does not flash or flashes twice, no point was recorded. Unless the baton has the incorrect date/time or a faulty memory chip/ clock chip, the point will be recorded correctly. This is confirmed by clocking a point before and after a download. If this is done that point will be the first and last point in the baton. All report by download reports will show if the data is corrupt or if there is a possibility of electrocution which can result in missing points. If a impossible date is on the report or if you see all the points with the same date/time it is possible the clock chip is faulty as well. Barring the above the data is correct in the baton.

Express unit

The express unit uses the same baton as above and all the above do apply. However extra information is available via the online system and the 'Signals' Report. When a baton is downloaded on the express unit it stores each point with a unique sequence number. This is to check that each clocking point data is sent to the server and can be checked there. From the signals report. Firstly it is important to check that the express unit is uploading data from a baton to ensure there is no data in the unit waiting to be sent to the server. You can use the Report by download report to check the downloads that have occurred. This is done to do the checks as above to see if clocking data is not corrupt. The signals report can be used to see if any data has been uploaded or if the online unit was not working at the time in question. In most cases it will be found that the baton is empty and the online unit was working at the time indicating the guard did not work.

Suga Blu

The Suga Blu baton Communicates directly with our server. When a point is correctly clocked the baton with flash green once or twice(to indicate double clocking). If the unit flashes red instead the point will not go to the server as the memory is full and the unit is not communicating with the server. Firstly confirmation is needed that there is no points still in the baton for this you would need to clock a point and confirm that it has arrived on the server. The second confirmation is to look at the signals report for the time in question. The unit will communicate with the server at least once an hour. If you can see this the unit was communicating correctly and no data has been lost.

In conclusion

The above can be very technical in nature. If you require we can do a report on any unit you have to confirm the validity of the data. We can also provide an expert witness if the need arises.

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