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Check if the computer is detecting your Upload cable

This will explain how to check if the computer can see the upload cable. This only applies to the windows operating system.

  1. First you will need to open your device manager, this can normally be found under the control panel. You can also call this up on most systems by typeing “run devmgmt.msc” from the start menu
  2. Check the device manager for any devices with a yellow triangle, if you have any this means you are missing drivers for parts of your computer, this could affect the operation of magtouch. You can run the drivers for magtouch from the magtouch help menu. However if the missing drivers relate to your motherboard or control systems magtouch could be affected. You would need to speak to your hardware providor for those drivers.
  3. Click on the “+” next to the ports option. If there is no + next to ports it is already open.devmamagerports.png
  4. Take note of all the ports listed.
  5. If you unplug and replugin the magtouch uploader, you should see a port appear and disappear here.

If your Magtouch Uploader is not found check the cable first before sending the unit in for repairs. It is a standard USB A-B cable which is normally used with printers.
If you Magtouch Uploader is found here but not in the Magtouch software, this could indicate that the uploader is faulty and would need to be brought in for a service.
There is a possibility other drivers are interfering with your uploader as well. If the cable is found without the cable being plugged in another driver is definitely interfering.
If the port does not change in the Magtouch software you can press Shift 3 which will show a port selection. Select a higher port number and the computer should be able to find the cable. If it keeps getting stuck repeat the process.

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