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Desktop Troubleshooting Guide

We have a Troubleshooting Wizard you can follow


take a look at the table below

Can't find uploader Check cable connection
Ensure the program is only opened once
Reinstall drivers by clicking on help and reinstall drivers
Check if the cable is being detected by the computer
Unit Clocks Intermittently Check guard is doing work correctly
Unknown points are on the report Rename your points
Not ClockingCheck touch port for any foreign objects
Clean touch port
Clean/dry I.D. points
No report on downloadCheck download options(ignore 'checkpoint should not be checked', and download baton should be)
Are the points being clocked properly?
Is the baton communicating?
Point flashes twice or not at allFaulty point
Problems downloading?See our Download Troubleshooting page
Windows errorTry upgrading Check for upgrade page
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