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How To use the Desktop System

  • To “clock a point” place the copper port in front of the baton flush onto the surface of the ID point (if this is done correctly the LED at the back of the baton will flash once).
  • Once the patrol/s have been done for the shift, bring the baton back to the computer where the upload station is situated.
  • Open the Magtouch program.
  • Place the copper port of the baton on the upper centre brass stud. While keeping the baton on the center stud, slide the side of the baton against the 2 (two) bottom studs and keep it there for the duration of the upload. Problems downloading?
  • After the upload has been completed, the Magtouch program will, by default, open the report.
  • The report will show you at what time a point was clocked, as well as show you, at a glance, how many times a specific point has been clocked since the last upload.
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