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LED guide

The LED's on the Magcell unit indicate what the unit is doing at any one time. If only one LED is on, what is written to the left of the LED is what the unit is doing. If only one LED is flashing, what is written on the right of the LED is what the unit is doing. For more than one LED please see the table below.

Normal operation

Top LedMiddle LedBottom LedDurationWhats Happening?
OnOffOffAnyUnit is ready for operations and has successfully connected with the server within the last hour
OffOnOffAnyUnit is downloading data from the baton, do not remove the baton
OffFlashingOffAnyUnit is waiting for you to remove the baton
OffOffOn<5MinsUnit is transmitting information to the server
OffOnFlashing<5minsUnit is looking for modem/SIM card
OnOffFlashing<5minsUnit is looking for network/signal
OffFlashingFlashing<5minsUnit is looking for network/signal

Error conditions

Top LedMiddle LedBottom LedDurationWhats the fault?
OffOnFlashing>5minsCheck SIM in a phone to see that it is registered for GPRS and has no PIN
OnOffFlashing>5minsUnit SIM is not registered or there is no signal
OffFlashingFlashing>5minsUnit cannot find signal
OffOffOn>5minsCheck SIM airtime
OffOffFlashingAnyBaton was not downloaded correctly or baton was empty
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