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How to move from one server to another

Moving to another server is different depending on what unit you have. Most units can be setup via SMS if you are not sure that your unit can be setup via SMS try this first. If it does not work then you will need to send the unit to a local representative for the upgrade.

Setting up via SMS

  1. Setup your site as if the unit was already connected to the new server.
  2. If you look into the site on the site tab you will see a setup sms link.smssetup.png
  3. After clicking this link, type in the Units cell phone number.
  4. On Site restart the unit, ie switch it off with a key and switch it back on.
  5. wait for the unit to be ready.
  6. switch off the unit again.
  7. press the call button(if there is one)
  8. switch the unit back on without letting go of the call button.
  9. when it says ready let go of the call button.
  10. check on the new server if the unit is communicating, if not you will need to contact your local technical support for the upgrade.
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