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online1 Troubleshooting

Before sending in for repairs

Before sending your unit in for repairs the following questions should be asked.

  • Is there any physical damage to your unit?
  • Can you switch the unit on?
  • Does it send mains restore to server? If not does the SIM card work?
  • Download some points, are they reflected on the server?

Screen display

The Units screen should display problem information and details of download data

If your unit does not have a display

Take a look at the table below

Green LED is not on by itself and does not get thereTake a look at our Magcell LED guide
Tells me my password is incorrect, when it is.Check CAPS lock or use the forgot password link on the login page
Not getting emailsCheck your email settings in the sites tab
No clockings in reports Take a look at our No Clockings guide
Overview report does not make senseRead the Overview Reports How to
Can't download the batonRead the Magcell downloading guide
something elsetry switching it off and on again
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