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Event code description

Sometimes an online unit will send an event (Z7) which has the words event followed by some numbers, This is what the numbers mean.

Last numberWhat it means
0SMS error reading buffers or message
1SMS was read and processed correctly
2SMS had incorrect format for settings, so we ignored it
3SMS Buffer overflow, the SMS message was too long to read
5Unit was rebooted
Unit rebooted reasons

If the last digit is a 5 this means the unit was rebooted the 3rd last digit will also tell you why it was rebooted

3rd last DigitWhat it means
1Power up from scratch
2Reset pins were shorted for a reset
4Low voltage protection
8System fault recovery(wdt)

An Example

  1. event(00000001) , This means the unit got an SMS with settings in it and was reset sucessfully
  2. event(00BC0205) , This means the unit was reset when someone shorted out the reset pins on the PCB of the unit or pressed the reset button on the unit.
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