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Checking a baton to see if it needs to go for service

Does it clock points?

When you place the baton on a point, does the light at the back flash once? If so the baton is clocking points. If not, either the point or baton is faulty. Check on another point to make sure it is not the point, or use another baton on the same point to see which one is at fault.

Does the baton download on the PC?

Place the baton correctly on an upload station that is connected to your PC. What does the PC do? If the PC is showing “looking for baton” then it is possible that the PC, upload station or the baton is at fault. check with another baton to make sure it is the baton that is faulty.

Are there wrong dates and time on your reports?

If you did not clock the points yourself, do a round with the baton and check it yourself. Note that if the computer date or time is wrong your reports will also be wrong.

Flat battery

If you have a multimeter, you can measure on the end of the baton to check for a flat battery. The most common indication of a flat battery is the light at the back continually flickers. Batteries should last 4-8 years depending on use. Voltage readings;

  • better than 3v = battery ok,
  • between 2.6 and 3v battery = should be replaced but might work for some time still,
  • less than 2.6 v = battery is flat,
  • 0v = wire has been broken off inside, probably not the battery.
DIY repair

If you wish to be supplied with training or parts, this is available from some of the Magtouch suppliers.

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