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Signal report

This report shows the raw information coming from any online unit. This is the best way ,if you know how the system works, to troubleshoot any online units. This document goes through all the signals that can be sent and what they can mean. This report is available under the Reports tab in the Diagnostics section.

Signal parts

Each signal comes with extra information, some signals with more than others. Display settings can be changed to show more or less columns. The following are the columns available.

Column nameInformation available
Site codeThis is the 6 digit code assigned to each unit, it should be displayed clearly on the outside of the online unit, this is the code that the systems uses to assign an online unit to a site
Event code/descriptionThis is the event that has been sent see more info on each even below
IP addressThe ip address of the unit at the time of transmission
temperatureThe temperature of the unit at the time of transmission
signal strengthThe signal strength out of 31 at the time of transmission, the number after the comma can show in some units if it is roaming, will be red if too low
SIM slotWhich SIM slot was being used, if the online unit only has one slot this should always read 1
Battery levelThe battery state at time of transmission, voltage depends on type of unit
Date clockedWhen the even happened according to the device, at power up this might be the same as the date uploaded if the unit does not know the current time when the event happened
Date UploadedWhen the server received the signal
Upload delayHow long it took the server to get a signal from the unit, will be red if longer than 5 mins
Extra infoThis will contain a '?' icon if more information is available, click the icon to see the extra information

Event description table

This table lists all the different signals that can be received, what the mean and any possible problems associated with it.

EventDescriptionPossible problem
Baton clearedThis signal indicates that a baton was downloaded on an online unit and was cleared, it also carries with it the points clocked data
Baton date and time setA baton placed on the unit had its date and time set If no data is downloaded with it this could mean that the baton was empty or removed too soon
Baton downloadIndicates a baton was downloaded and on some units how many points were downloaded, this does not contain the point dataCan be used to compare with what data we have to see that all the data has been downloaded
Baton EmptyAn empty baton was placed on an online unit
Battery Lowbattery is low, this unit should be plugged in soonusually is followed by the unit not communicating with the server anymore
Battery OKFollows a battery low if the unit was plugged in to mains
Call button pressedThe call button below the online unit was pressed
Call button releasedfollows the call button pressed
Charge OffUnit has been removed from charge
Charge OnUnit has been placed on charge
Configuration SMS ProcessedThe unit found an sms which configured the device
Event messageSpecial message sent from the unit, should not normally be sentCould just be from a rouge sms but should be seen as a problem normally contact Magtouch electronics if it is of concern see onlineguarding:event for more info
Event queue overflowThe event queue on the unit has overflowedThis can mean that any type of signal could have happened and we have lost it
Firethe fire button was pressed
Firmware loaded sucesswill be sent after a successful firmware upgrade
General messageGeneral message from an online unit, more information will be shown at the same time
GPS co-ordinatesGPS coordinates from a unit showing live location
ID PointSingle clock point clocked, contains the clock point data
InactivitySent every 51 mins if nothing has happenedThis signal indicates the unit is still working correctly
LCD re-initialised of mains restoreOlder units use this to show the LCD is working correctly
Mains FailMains power has been removed from the unitis the user unplugging for unauthorised reasons, the unit should be permanently plugged in, battery might get flat and the unit switch off
Mains RestoreMains power has been restored
Medical emergencyThe medical emergency button has been pressed
MidnightUsed by older units to get a sync date and time every midnight
Partial baton downloadOnly part of a baton has been downloaded, sometimes indicating how many points there are and how many have been downloadedThis indicates the user is not downloading correctly
Power DownUnit has been powered down, usually preceded but the point of the user who powered it downUnits should not be powered down under normal operation as the unit could be tampered with while offline
Power upUnit powered up from being offline or asleepWhy was the unit powered down?
Express Sequence ErrorThere is a mismatch in the data sequnce and the unit is trying to get all the dataCould mean missing data, this can be confirmed by looking at sequence numbers in the baton cleared field or on the normal reports
Sequence Not FoundCould not get a data in the sequenceThere is missing data
StorageThe was a problem reading or writing to a specific memory locationThe memory needs to be replaced
TamperUnit has been tampered withBest case the unit was just opened, why should be the question
Tamper KnockedUnit has received a high G KnockUnits can normally handle knows but they should not be dropped
Tamper MoistureThe unit has been wet on its electronics
Tamper Over TemperatureUnit temperature is over 80CUnits should not be operating with high temperature like this, normally indicates when malicious damage has occured
Tamper restoreUnit has been reassembled or moisture has been removed
Touch port activitySomething not discernable has occured on the touchportCould indicate someone tampering with the device or not knowing how to do a download
Touch port shortThe touch port of the unit has been shortedCould be a technician testing or a user playing with the equipment

Extra information

At the bottom of the report there is two graphs, these show the battery and signal strength over time. This can be used to see intermittent faults with signal or if the battery has just run flat.

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