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Tools needed

There are several tools needed for repairs. Some repairs require no tools and some require all the tools. The more of these tools you have the more repairs you will be able to do. Some of these tools are available from Magtouch see Parts list

Test instrument

You need a Voltmeter, Ammeter and Ohmmeter. These normally come together in a multimeter. Make sure it is tested regularly to ensure you are measuring the correct values. The Voltmeter must be able to measure at least 4v with a resolution of 0.1V. The Ammeter needs to be able to measure 1uA.

Electrical tools

  • Solder station - Ensure it is temperature controlled.
  • Glue gun
  • Heat gun
  • Magnifying light

Hand tools

  • Pliers
  • Side cutters
  • Screw driver set
  • 10 spanner
  • water pump pliers
  • Aluminium vice attachment


  • Spare wire
  • Solder
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