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The Treasure hunt

In order to test our new software we have added an 'error' for you to find. If you find it you can win R2000 or one of the consolation prizes.

How does it all work?

  1. Send an email to requesting entry into the competition.
  2. Follow instructions below for installation.
  3. Use the Magtouch Software as normal. Pay special attention to the new features and try and find the 'error' in the software.
  4. Report any errors you may find.
  5. Any new updates will be emailed to you.

Please note that 'errors' you find might not be the one we put in. by submitting all the error reports you will be helping us find the ones we have missed, and you might get a consolation prize. Also note If more than one person finds the 'error' the prize goes to the first person who sends the error report to

When we deem it fit or when the error has been found the competition will end. Whenever an 'error' is found a new email will be sent to all beta testers informing them of the error and possible fix .As soon as THE 'error' is found all participants will be notified, what the error was and how to replicate it. If after some time nobody has found the error a vote will be taken for which charity the prize money will go to.

Hints and tips

An 'error' can be many different things, spelling mistake, wrong dates/data or incorrect operation of functions. It could also just be something cosmetic. Take note of the new features and functions in the software, listed below.

Hints added after first release

Hints will be added regularly

  • You will also need to have either more than one site setup and/or several points.
  • The big prize is not a spelling mistake.
  • Its simple and you will know when you find it.
  • I lied, there are really two Errors I have inserted for the big prize, the first one to be found wins.
  • Has anyone tried playing with some of the options, or do you always ignore unknown checkpoints and print a frequency report?
  • 2011/10/21 More than 10 points are recommended.
  • 2011/10/21 Something might change in the options window, when it should not change by itself.
  • Use the Test language option to see if everything has been translated

01/11/2011 Im not sure when this happened, but oops. The one 'Error' seems to have disappeared with an update so in the latest version I took it out all together just so that new errors do not occur. However this is a little unfair to you hard workers out there. There is still one 'error' there so Im going to be adding a few extra clues today. Im also dividing them into two sections one for the main prize and another for the consolation prizes.

Consolation prizes extra clues

  • Combine Language and a 'special hidden feature'
  • System check, it it right?

Main Prize extra clues

  • The Patrol separator has something to do with this, Remember this is in the Reports section as well as checkpoints
  • Having more than 10 points will probably help, but the 'error' can be replicated with just one point.

Just as a matter of interest and to see how hard the one main prize was, you can do the following on the first few versions of the beta to see the 'error'. The second one is a little easier (as little as 4 steps, you can do it in more though). Consolation prizes are way easier.

  1. Open Magtouch
  2. Click Options
  3. Make sure 'Ignore unknown checkpoints' is checked
  4. Close Options
  5. Click Reports
  6. Select Standard Report
  7. Select advanced
  8. Selected point filter
  9. Select the second point
  10. Close reports
  11. Open Options
  12. 'Ignore unknown checkpoints' is now unchecked
Added bonus Consolation prize

I have found a strange error which does not seem to affect the operation of the program, but Im interested in finding it anyway. I have noticed that there are duplicate settings in the magtouch.ini file. Please see if you can get this to happen on your PC and tell me how you did it.

Reporting errors

Please use the following procedure when reporting any errors (or suggestions) for the software. We might followup and ask for files to be sent to us as well. The 'error' needs to be reproducible by us.

  1. The first thing that needs to be done is a list of events that passed for you to see the error.
  2. Check your list by restarting your computer and follow everything on your list to see the error. For most lists 'double click magtouch icon' would be the first item.
  3. You also need to supply us with some information about your system.
    1. Windows version(ie WinXp, Win& etc)
    2. Baton Version(Found in the baton info box after downloading)

Email all of the above to

Screen shots might also come in handy

Example report

As an example of a 'error' Try this in version 5.26.

  • Double click the magtouch icon
  • Click on the Checkpoints button
  • note the id point displayed for editing is '000000' ←not supposed to be like this
  • you can also edit this point, although nothing happens

Another 'error' example also for 5.26

  • Double click the magtouch icon
  • Click on the Checkpoints button
  • Click on a point and see that it is available for editing
  • Click on another site
  • note you old point is still available for editing ←not supposed to happen

New features of the software

PDF reporting
  • All reports are now available in PDF if you have a PDF reader installed.
  • This option is selected by Either ticking the PDF report option in the reports screen or selecting secure reports from the options screen
Overview report

A new type of report showing an overview of the patrols in now available

Help screen changed

We have added a small system check in the help/about screen. You are directed online for more up to date help. The system also checks if it is the latest version. There is also help available from the reports screen(not working in beta).

Scanning all ports

The software now works on all serial ports, no need to change port settings in the control panel.

The Beta version only has English as a language but the final version will have French, Afrikaans and German as well. If you would like to help with the translation please send us a mail.

Old features you may not know about


  • '!' - menu pops up
  • '#' - able to setup checkpoint delay, only available in older magtouch batons, discontinued
  • '#' - New beta version this is used to change port number manually
  • '^' - Open file for manual processing, does not work on all files. this is used by us for testing purposes
  • '(' - brings up log screen

Create a site called 'common' and you will see that any point placed in it will be assigned to the site belonging to other points in the download. This is useful if you assign id points to guards who move between sites.

Known issues with the software

This is stuff we know about but probebly wont fix because its soo insignificant.

  • If an upload has unknown points, these points from the first upload will not be displayed in any generated reports(ie overview/listview)
  • If you try print an overview report for a date before the upgrade, and the baton was downloaded twice(ie the first time clear memory was unticked) some of the data will be missing.

Stuff which has been reported as an error which is not

Gremlin in the Initializing

When the Magtouch starts up it does a few checks, one of the is searching for 'gremlins', this is just a quick system check and is normal.

missing files

If you have files missing check that you installed the software properly as per below before reporting it

PDF reports show after selecting secure reports

This is correct operation, It is seen that PDF report are more secure than notepad reports as notepad reports are easy to edit.

Frequency report deselected by default

We have had a few confused customers and decided to disable this by default to see what happens

Installing the beta software

What do you need before you start with the beta install.
  • Computer running MS windows (xp,vista or 7)
  • Magtouch baton
  • at least one ID point
  • Upload station with cable
  • Magtouch V5.26 Installed
Step 1

Download the software Magtouch V5.27 beta

Latest version

Build date 01/11/2011


Build date 01/11/2011

  • fixed an annoying pop up if Ignore unknown checkpoints was selected

Build date 21/10/2011

  • Fixed a few errors in the logic of the report advanced options
  • Overview reports by day display correct data now
  • Overview points are centered on the report
  • added all the language files, although some of them are not completely translated
  • added help files to report screen, still one missing
  • Notify s user if date and time on baton do not match PC date time
  • Placed ID number of unit in download reports
  • Button changes from create report to open report for opening already created reports

Build date 13/10/2011

  • New Features added
    • checks for rollover of data and informs person on report
    • warns user of loss of data if unknown chekcpoints are chosen
    • Writes message when Baton date time not the same as system
  • Errors Corrected
    • Does not allow you to create a new report if one is already open(If you opened two reports without closing the first the program crashed)
    • removed the option to maximize the reports screen
    • You can now uncheck PDF reports in the reports screen
    • '#' - New beta version this is used to change port number manually

Build date 10/10/2011

  • Re Corrected error with help file not being found, seems it was different on some peoples pc's

Build date 07/10/2011

  • Corrected error with help file not being found

Build date 05/10/2011

  • Changed cosmetics, Date gets displayed correctly on start-up
  • Added MD5 checksum to make sure everything is installed correctly

Build date 04/10/2011

  • First beta version
Step 2

Unzip the downloaded file over your current installation. All the files in the ZIP file need to be placed into your Magtouch installation folder. This first Zip file had a folder in it, please ignore the folder. The files need to be part of the root of your magtouch installation. ie all the files need to be copied to 'C:\magtouch'. If you did it wrong the newer versions will find a file missing. For help with this see the following PDF. readme.pdf


Remember to follow the instructions above if reporting errors

Good luck.

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