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Reading an Overview report

There are two sections to this report, the Site Activity and the Clocking Data. This report is viewed per day. Every section will be for one day and gives a general overview on how your site is doing.

Site Activity report

The Site Activity report shows whether the unit on site is working correctly and if the guards are uploading data correctly. This section is divided up into 24 blocks, one for every hour of the day as indicated by the number above the blocks.

Using the key provided you can see what has happened to the unit in the hour specified. If more than one of the same event occurs in that hour, you will still only see one icon displayed.

You would want all blocks to have a green background as this means that the unit has contacted the server at least once in that hour. The Magcell should contact the server every 3 – 4 minutes. A pink background indicates that the unit has made not contact with the server for that hour. There can be several reasons for this. The unit was switched off, the unit has been damaged, the unit has run out of airtime or the unit has lost signal. It is recommended that the Magcell unit remain on at all times. This does not use up much airtime and signal can then get through.

The Power-up icon will be displayed if the unit has been switched on. This should very rarely happen as the unit should remain on at all times

The Upload icon will be seen after every successful upload of the baton and if the baton had data in it when it was uploaded.

There are two main reasons for this icon to be displayed. The unit was uploaded correctly but there was no data in the baton, or during an upload, the baton's date and time was set but it did not upload completely, ie the baton was removed before all data was received by the Magcell.

This usually indicates that the guard does not know how to upload the baton data correctly and will occur if the guard puts the baton on the uploader and immediately takes it off. This will also display if other devices are placed on the upload port.

If your unit has been equipped with a keypad, this icon will be displayed every time a keypad event is sent to the server.

The Panic icon will be displayed if the panic button is pushed. The panic button is on the bottom of the unit and can also be used as a test button or to show that a supervisor has been on site. The tamper icon will be displayed if the unit is opened. This should only happen when the unit is being serviced but will also occur if the guard tampers with the unit.

Clocked Data Report

By taking a glance at this report you should be able to see if your guards are patrolling correctly.

This report is arranged with one column for each hour of the day, and one row for every point you have on site. If a point has been clocked, the time of the clocking will be displayed in the block for that point and hour. A green background indicates that a point was clocked in that hour. a white background indicates that points were clocked in that hour but not that specific point. A grey background indicates that no points were clocked in that hour.

In the above report you can quickly see that point 4, the Club House Hall, has been missed on 3 patrols and point 7, the Managers Cottagec has been missed once.

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