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Setting up the Magtouch Uploader on Ubuntu

I have tried this on Ubuntu 11.10. If you get this to work on another version of Linux, please let us know. If you run into problems, please contact your Magtouch provider.

  1. Go to Ubuntu software centre. (Click on 'applications' and then on 'ubuntu software centre')
  2. Install wine if it has not been installed already. (We use version 1.3 for our installation)
  3. Download the latest version of our software (5.28beta) from
  4. Double click on the file, it should be opened in wine. Follow the prompts. On one of the pages it asks to run the USB drivers. Do not have this block selected. You should not have to install the USB drivers as they will come with Linux and would have been installed automatically when you plug the cable in.
  5. Make sure the USB cable is not plugged in.
  6. Open a terminal window (Ctrl+Alt+T).
  7. Type the following in the window (CaSe is important)
      ls /dev|grep USB
      This might do nothing, if it does show anything, take note of what it shows
  8. Plug the USB cable in.
  9. In the terminal type the following again
      ls /dev|grep USB
  10. If you saw nothing before, you should see something now. If you did see something before, you will see a new line now. Take note of this line (In my case it was 'ttyUSB0')
  11. In the terminal type the following
      cd ~/.wine/dosdevices
      ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 com1
                       ^  Substitute for what you had in the last step
  12. In the terminal type the following
      sudo adduser fred dialout
                    ^  Substitute for what you got from the whoami command

You should have a Magtouch icon on your desktop. Double click it, your program should run

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